Tuesday, December 6, 2016

1989 Main Street

In 1989 Main Street Toy Company released an electronic baseball game that utilized baseball cards. The game came with cards of the all-star players and a sheet of sticker codes that you would apply to each specific player. The cards with a blue border/uniform are American League players, National are red. After applying the statistic sticker to the player, one would slide the player card across the card reader and it would process the at-bat. I have never seen or played this game but would have been cool for its time.

This card is one that PSA seems to flip-flop on. My friend Chris had his graded but I'm not sure when. I subbed mine in 2016 and it was rejected. Others agree that if I keep subbing it, it will eventually get graded. Below is a comparison of the back. Some of which have the stat sticker applied already, some, not. Chris also heard that PSA doesn't grade these becauser they don't get enough copies. We agreed that's silly because if that's the case, they should grade every copy they receive.


Back comparison

Without sticker

With sticker

My ungraded copy

More information about the game can be found HERE

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